Saturday, June 11, 2016

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ June 11, 2016 ~
Magazine Play: A Song From Under The Floorboards ~ Model Worker ~ Parade ~ Because You're Frightened ~ Twenty Years Ago 
celebrating the 6/11/58 birth of Barry Adamson 
38 Special Live from Texas: Twentieth Century Fox ~ Wild-Eyed Southern Boys ~ The Squeeze ~ If I'd Been The One ~ Help Somebody ~ Chain Lightning
celebrating the 6/11/52 birth of Donnie Van Zant 
ZZ Top Live from Texas: I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide ~ Cheap Sunglasses ~ Rough Boy ~ Sharp Dressed Man ~ La Grange 
celebrating the 6/11/49 birth of Frank Beard 
The Flaming Lips Heady Nuggs, 20 Years After Clouds Taste Metalic, Disc 3 (Live in Seattle 1996): Lightning Strikes The Postman ~ When You Smile ~ Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles ~ Placebo Headwound 
celebrating the 1969 birth of Steven Drozd 
Air Supply Greatest Hits Live...Now and Forever: Sweet Dreams 
celebrating the 6/11/50 birth of Graham Russell 

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