Saturday, June 24, 2017

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ June 24, 2017 ~
The Zombies Odessey & Oracle {Revisited}: The 40th Anniversary Concert: Care Of Cell 44 Changes This Will Be Our Year 
Friends Of Mine Time Of The Season Tell Her No ~ She's Not There 
celebrating the 6/24/1945 birth of Colin Blunstone 
O.M.D. Live in Berlin: Joan Of Arc Maid Of Orleans Sister Marie Says Pandora's Box ~ Enola Gay 
celebrating the 6/24/1959 birth of Andy McCluskey 
Traffic On the Road: Tragic Magic 
celebrating the 6/24/1944 birth of Chris Wood 
Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston: Only You Rattlesnake Shake 
celebrating the 6/24/1947 birth of Mick Fleetwood 
Less Than Jake Losing Streak - Live: Automatic Happyman 9th At Pine Dopeman Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria Lockdown 
celebrating the 6/24/1974 birth of Vinnie Fiorello 
Tears for Fears Secret World - Live in Paris: Everybody Wants To Rule The World 
celebrating the 6/24/1961 birth of Curt Smith 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ June 17, 2017 ~
Barry Manilow Live: Riders To The Stars ~ V.S.M. Could It Be Magic/Mandy It's A Miracle ~ I Write The Songs 
celebrating the 6/17/1943 birth of Barry Manilow 
Dead Kennedys Mutiny on the Bay: Police Truck Holiday In Cambodia Forward To Death I Am The Owl ~ Riot 
celebrating the 6/17/1958 birth of Jello Biafra 
Hanoi Rocks All Those Wasted Years: Motorvatin' ~ Lightning Bar Blues 
celebrating the 6/17/1962 birth of Michael Monroe 
No Doubt Live in the Tragic Kingdom: Tragic Kingdom Different People End It On This Move On ~ Don't Speak 
celebrating the 6/17/1967 birth of Eric Stefani 
The Pogues Streams of Whiskey: Thousands Are Sailing Sunnyside Of The Street Dirty Old Town Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ~ Fiesta 
remembering the 6/17/1957 birth of Phil Chevron 
Dean Martin & The Easy Riders The Early Performances: Memories Are Made Of This 
remembering the 6/17/1916 birth of Terry Gilkyson 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ June 10, 2017 ~
Judy Garland Judy at Carnegie Hall: Come Rain Or Come Shine Foggy Day Stormy Weather Over The Rainbow 
After You've Gone Chicago 
remembering the 6/10/22 birth of Judy Garland 
The Shirelles Live: Baby It's You Dedicated To The One I Love Foolish Little Girl Mama Said Soldier Boy 
~ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 
celebrating the 6/10/1941 birth of Shirley Owens 
Ray Charles In Person: Night Time Is The Right Time ~ What'd I Say?
remembering the 6/10/2004 death of Ray Charles 
The Smashing Pumpkins Live at the Fillmore 1994: Soma Rocket Today Cherub Rock Drown ~ Hummer 
celebrating the 6/10/1964 birth of Jimmy Chamberlain 
Mike Doughty Half-Smofe: Live in Minneapolis: Sunkeneyed Girl Busting Up A Starbucks Rising Sign Grey Ghost 
Soft Serve True Dreams Of Wichita Train To Chicago 
celebrating the 6/10/1970 birth of Mike Doughty 
Bob Dylan & The Hawks The Real Royal Albert Hall Concert 1966: Tell Me, Momma 
celebrating the 6/10/1941 birth of Mickey Jones 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ June 3, 2017 ~
T.Rex Live: Ride A White Swan Get It On 
remembering the 6/3/1947 birth of Mickey Finn 
Suzy Quatro Live and Kickin': Can The Can Devil Gate Drive ~ Roxy Roller 
celebrating the 6/3/1950 birth of Suzy Quatro 
Mott the Hoople Live: All The Way From Memphis Walking With A Mountain ~ Sweet Angeline 
celebrating the 6/3/1939 birth of Ian Hunter 
Flying Burrito Brothers Last of the Red Hot Burritos: Ain't That A Lot Of Love 
remembering the 6/3/1946 birth of Michael Clarke 
Curtis Mayfield Live in Europe: It's Alright Gypsy Woman Freddie's Dead Pusherman We've Only Just Begun People Get Ready 
remembering the 6/3/1942 birth of Curtis Mayfield 
Phish Slip Stitch and Pass: Weigh Mike's Song 
celebrating the 6/3/1965 birth of Mike Gordon 
Boots Randolph Live: Big Daddy ~ Yakety Sax 
remembering the 6/3/1927 birth of Boots Randolph