Saturday, January 21, 2017

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ January 21, 2017 ~
Peggy Lee Live in London: Fever ~ Why Don't You Do Right ~ Is That All There Is? ~ Mr. Wonderful ~ Mack The Knife 
~ Dreams Of Summer ~ Here's To You 
remembering the 1/21/2002 death of Peggy Lee 
Billy Ocean Live in London: Stay The Night ~ Loverboy ~ Suddenly ~ Caribbean Queen 
celebrating the 1/21/1950 birth of Billy Ocean 
Mac Davis Elvis - A Tribute: Memories
Elvis Presley Live in Vegas: Don't Cry Daddy ~ In The Ghetto 
celebrating the 1/21/1942 birth of Mac Davis 
Richie Havens Time: I Was Educated By Myself ~ No Opportunity Necessary ~ Freedom ~ Nobody Left To Crown 
remembering the 1/21/1941 birth of Richie Havens 
Cat Power The Greatest - Live: The Greatest ~ Could We ~ Willie ~ Living Proof ~ It Ain't Fair 
celebrating the 1/21/1972 birth of Cat Power 
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band feat. Edwin Starr Live in England: War  
remembering the 1/21/1942 birth of Edwin Starr 

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