Saturday, December 6, 2014

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ December 6, 2014 ~
Leadbelly Absolutely the Best, Volume 2: In Concert: Goodnight Irene Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More Rock Island Line
Dave Brubeck 50 Years of Dave Brubeck Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival: Take Five Jumping Bean ~ Sleep
Weather Report I Sing the Body Electric: Medley: Vertical Invader / T.H. / Dr. Honoris Causa ~ Surucucu
Maze Greatest Hits, 35 Years of Soul: Joy And Pain Happy Feelin's
Quiet Riot The Randy Rhoads Years: Laughing Gas
Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads Tribute: Suicide Solution
R.E.M. Live at the Olympia in Dublin: Feeling Gravity's Pull Until The Day Is Done Accelerate ~ Auctioneer ~ Little America 
~ 1,000,000 ~ Disguised

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