Saturday, June 14, 2014

~ Saturday Morning Live playlist ~ JUNE 14, 2014 ~
Lynyrd Skynrd Live from Freedom Hall: The Ballad of Curtis Lowe ~ Gimme Back My Bullets ~ Tuesday's Gone ~ Red, White & Blue
The Electric Flag Monterey International Pop Festival Vol. 1: Groovin' Is Easy ~ Wine
Various Artists Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004: One Big Holiday (My Morning Jacket) ~ The Breaks (The Black Keys)
Johnny Cash Bootleg Vol. III, Live Around the World: So Doggone Lonesome ~ I Walk The Line ~ A Boy Named Sue 
~ Daddy Sang Bass ~ Big River ~ Ragged Old Flag
Harry Chapin Greatest Stories Live: Dreams Go By ~ W-O-L-D ~ Saturday Morning (lead vocal: Tom Chapin) 
~ I Wanna Learn A Love Song ~ Cats In The Cradle
Simon & Garfunkel Live '69: So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright ~ That Silver-haired Daddy Of Mine ~ Bridge Over Troubled Water
John Prine [1] In Person & On Stage or [2] Live on Tour: Unwed Fathers [1] Daddy's Little Pumpkin [2] Lake Marie [2] 
Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore [1]

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